ABR Five Step Warranty Process

  1. Fill out the form above
  2. Bring warranty part and form to the local branch
  3. The branch will forward claim and the item will be processed
  4. Warranty claim is submitted with manufacturer
  5. Warranty credit will be issued as soon as it is received from the manufacturer

Typically, if all of the information provided is accurate, warranties can be turned around within two weeks. Some warranties do take a bit longer due to factory request of parts to be returned for inspection.

The majority of vendors require the same information for any warranty claims. Typically this is the model/serial number of unit, contractor's name, installation date of the unit, and detailed reason for the part being replaced. Next, the home owner or business information is required identifing where the product is installed. Lastly, the part number being replaced and date of work completed. The invoice or po number that the replacement part was purchased on is helpful. This warranty claim form can be used. ABR Warranty Claim Form

When it comes to tool warranties for Malco, Bacharach, Fieldpiece, Lenox, and others, the normal procedure is to return the tool to us or to contact us with the model and date of purchase or original invoice. We can then contact the particular manufacturer to determine if your tool is under warranty.

Be sure to checkout our Vendors website links for easy unit warranty registration.

Our branch locations are there to assist you with your warranty claims, however, if you have any questions on a warranty, feel free to call me at 585-482-3601, or contact me here, and I'll respond to you as soon as possible. We strive to make your warranty experience as easy and as quick as possible.

Thank you,

Chris Weaver

Warranty Manager

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585-288-6955 fax

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